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It has been well noted recently that one of the healthiest areas of lending is ‘buy now pay later’ finance available on the high street. People taking advantage of low or no interest deals are shopping prudently are making their cash go further by spreading the cost of high-value essentials such as sofas and white goods over a period of months. With the downturn in high-street spending, it seems that every retailer is getting in on the act and offering tempting finance deals.

But what if you didn’t have the pick of these retailers? If your credit history (or lack of), the fact you were on benefits or your age prevented you from applying for the best deals available?

You may turn to a specialist rent-to-own company, a company that rents all sorts of goods from games consoles to plasma tvs with pay weekly, monthly or upfront options. A company such as BrightHouse. With 179 stores so far, it’s the biggest such chain in the country.

The trouble is, it’s not exactly a cheap option, this chain offers an eye-watering 29.9% APR and that doesn’t include extras like the optional service cover which most customers take out. In the end, you may up paying two or three times the cash price for the item.

With buy now pay later becoming ever more popular during the credit crunch, BrightHouse took advantage and, during the spring, ran an eight-week intensive marketing campaign including TV commercials and a leaflet drop and employed- for the first time- TNT’s Home-in Targeting postcode modelling tool for precise targeting. It worked, with the chain thriving and planning on adding 20 stores during 2009.

BrightHouse head of marketing Alan Beesley said. ‘Brand awareness of BrightHouse has grown rapidly thanks largely to our TV activity, which comprises of advertising and sponsorship of the Trisha Goddard Show. As we continue to open in new locations across the UK our highly targeted spring marketing campaign will support our growth by promoting the brand as a customer-friendly weekly payment store.’

With such an increase in awareness however, has come an inevitable rise in unhappy customers. The company recently hit the headlines when it was investigated by BBC radio 1’s Newsbeat programme.

Complaints had been made to the BBC from customers claiming that BrightHouse used threatening, bullying and rude behaviour towards them if they fell behind on payments. Customers were apparently ‘hounded’ by calls from staff urging them to borrow money from friends and family, had employees turn up on their doorstep trying to talk their way into house to repossess goods the day after a missed payment and threatened with police action.

Technically, on any rent to buy or buy-now-pay-later scheme, the item doesn’t belong to the customer until the final payment is made, and goods may be repossessed if payments fall into arrears. However, there are very strict guidelines governing how companies can do that. Without a court order, NO ONE can gain entry to your home to repossess goods.

The many complaints seem to be backed up by ex-staff who have claimed that talking their way into houses to reclaim items was exactly what they were encouraged to do. One former employee spoke of taking playstations back just before Christmas, women crying and even removing goods from a dead woman’s home.

BrightHouse director Hamish Paton denies that’s how the company operates although he didn’t want to discuss individual customers. He claimed that 96% of customers are satisfied with their service and that repossession is a last resort- goods only being taken with the consent of the customer. He also said that if guidelines weren’t being followed, he apologised and that he was keen to put any less-than-perfect service right.

Chris Tapp director of charity Credit Action is keen to have the company investigated, as he’s seen an ‘enormous’ rise in the number of people getting into difficulties with this type of company. With a staggering 40% of BrightHouse customers receiving state benefits, it seems that number may keep rising.

Newsbeat have forwarded on details of its investigation to the OFT who said they are looking into the complaints.

Although weekly payments may seem small and affordable, just remember that the items are only ‘rented’ until the final payment is made, and it may end up costing a lot more in the long run.


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  1. I totally agree that brighthouse is a rip off, I am constantly been harassed by them for missing a payment and when I pay double I am charged extra this company should not be allowed to trade as it rips off customers. If I had known what this company was like I certainly not have done business with them, I would have gone without.

  2. I agree i too am constantly harrased by this company i am disabled and of ill health oftern in hospital so i miss payments occasionally, but always catch up straight away you get charged and i have had them turn up at my door with a van saying they are going to take items away, i wish i hadnot bothered with them, i am now at the stage of saying take it just to be rid of them, its so stressfull, these people are so nice and helpful when they are getting you to take out an agreement as soon as you do they turn, no longer helpful and certainly not nice, Rip Off Merchants. is all you can say about them and bullies.

  3. Just to add my 2 pence worth. I am a brighthouse customer. Just to stick up for the company, no one forces you to sign an agreement and buy from them. When I signed up they explained my contract, and even pointed out that should I go late I would get late charges which I accepted. All these people that blast brighthouse all have one thing in common, they dont pay there bills on time. It is a weekly payment account, if you miss you expect to get a call to establish when you will get your accoutn up to date, whats wrong with that, its only like missing a payment on your credit card and getting a call from the bank? If you dont pick up the phone and speak to the company then there gonna keep calling you. Just to put another point across as well, for all those unhappy brighouse customers out there, they can return there prducts at any time, if they read there contract and had taken out the companies service cover.

  4. Obviously…”James” is an employee of Brighthouse, which is apparent from his comments. Does he not think it is obvious that there are so many people dissatisfied with this store. In January “THREE EMPLOYEES” of this store were taken to the local Magistrates Court of the town where they were employed and charged with “BURGLARY” and theft after stealing from a local shop after trading hours. One of these “STAFF MEMBERS” was even a “GOVERNOR” in a school. so much for “BRIGHTHOUSE” being so good. I Welcome your comments James…..

  5. Just to follow on fron James’ comment, i am a Brighthouse customer and I have NEVER missed a payment!!! I am very peeved with BH due to miss selling and blatant lying from one of there sales advisors. I do not need DLC as I have my own contents insurance which covers HP items, in the past my cover note has been fine as evidence but on one occasion I was told I needed written proof from my insurance company that they cover Hp items. This was a lie!!! Im am guessing so she could hit her targets!!

    I contacted head office who investigsted but guess what, it was my word against theirs!!! Case closed!! I then went to the Ombudsman who sent BH a letter on my behalf, Within 2 weeks I had someone from Caversham agreeing to refund all the DLC we had paid due to this miss selling. The cheque is clearing as i type and it is a nice sum just before christmas.

    So no James, not all the customers who have problems or “blast Brighthouse” have problems with paying. They rip off customers, miss sell to hit targets and the after sale service is terrible!!

  6. I am a brighthouse customer and all i can say is watch this space, I cannot believe in this day and age a company like this can trade. I have been to my local bbc radio station and they are well aware of this company, I am going to get a website set up so people can forward me there comments about this company, then i am going to take this company to court, i am not going into this with my eyes shut, i am a very serious intelligent guy, who feels that someone needs to stand up to these vultures, i cant comment any more as i am compiling a file, just watch this space, I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  7. why do people go to brighthouse ?? well most because they have a bad credit history ie havent paid there bills (bumped other companys)well i do pay my bills so dont need to go to such a place with high interest, as for the people on benifits state benifits are for food clothing and living not sitting with a large screen t,v or a playstation 3 this is my tax paying money goes to. SO PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME AND YOU WONT GET ANY CALLS OR PEOPLE AT YOUR DOOR, and for the record i dont work for them. but i do have a job work hard and pay my bills on time.

  8. go to google an put britehouse osc an read all that get Optional Service Cover and Damage Liability Cover taken of get home contents insurance if like me i pay 68 every 2 weeks to (bh) this will go to 30 some if taken off an i pay 15 for home contents insurance a month witch i just got . so half of 2 week payment 30 some add half of 2week payment 30 some that will be taken off (bh) that 60 some a month so do the maths i will save 45 an bit more a month

  9. You should consider cancelling any “Optional” Service Cover policies you have now! Because:

    a) You can return the goods, if necessary, without penalty if you have paid more than half the agreement total. You do not need an expensive insurance policy in order to do this. b) The service cover is often applied automatically without giving you the option to choose whether you required it or not, and

    c) the service cover is extremely over-priced (and totally unnecessary as you already have statutory rights), plus it represents very poor value for money when compared to a typical manufacturer’s own extended warranty as the example below shows…

    Extended Warranty direct from ACER for a 15.4” Laptop – Available upon registering a new ACER product, or at the end of the manufacturer’s 12 month guarantee period

    A single one off payment of £49.99 which provides an additional 2 years of cover to the initial 12 months guarantee period, giving a total of 3 years cover. This cover includes collection and return, all parts and labour, repairs within 5 days or a brand new replacement product if not completed within 28 days.

    Caversham Finance (Trading as BrightHouse) “optional” service cover

    104 weekly payments of £5.95 (total £618.80) providing service cover for the 2-year duration of the agreement. As ACER guarantee all new products for the first twelve months regardless, this figure only represents one year of actual extended service cover. The cost of this cover is extortionate and, quite simply, cannot be justified.

    Of course, “Optional” Service Cover isn’t really service cover at all. As we’ve already established, all new products are subject to a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty, (which, of course, is in addition to your statutory rights – more about that later…) and any volume purchaser like BrightHouse will be able to negotiate massive discounts with outside service agents for any repairs that may occur at other times. No. “Optional” Service Cover is just a thinly disguised payment protection plan that HUGELY inflates the overall cost of the product, and protects the interests of BrightHouse and NOT you!

    BrightHouse also appear somewhat confused over the word “optional”. According to their own terms and conditions, “optional” service cover is an “option” to purchase at the time of the initial agreement, and cancellation thereafter will require 7 days notice. However, BrightHouse staff will tell you that “optional” means the option not to purchase the service cover can only be exercised at the time of the initial agreement and, furthermore, cannot be removed thereafter!

    This is total nonsense. Service cover is optional and can be removed. Of course, any attempt to remove it will invoke fierce resistance from BrightHouse! Local store managers, under pressure from their area managers, will have stringent sales targets to meet, and the revenue generated by “Optional” Service Cover policies is vital to them.

    You should also be aware that BrightHouse has the right to terminate your “Optional” Service Cover policy with just 7 days notice to you. They have been known to apply this clause if an item is deemed “beyond economic repair” leaving you considerably out of pocket (and left with nothing) when this happens towards the end of an agreement. In contrast, a typical manufacturer’s own extended warranty would, at least, result in a refund of the premium paid.

  10. James November 26th, 2009 3:25 pm :

    I am a brighthouse customer. no one forces you to sign an agreement that is a lie. It is an agreement is put in yore face u are told noting about osc an if u dont pay the same day yore stuff will be taken people that has bad credit an low income thay pray on cos that have no chose like me

  11. i have dealings with brighthouse and someof the staff are very good its when the manager gets invoved the rude remarks and nastyness starts they must be on a bonus

  12. I am a customer of 15 months, and never missed a payment, until my pension was late , and all I hve had is threats, phone calls saying they will come and repossess my goods, even though I have paid more than two thirds of cost of my goods, they might frighten some of the senior customers they have, but they have obviously not met any one who will stand up to them, and I am hoping the chap who is compiling a file contacts me, I will gladly support any action he may suggest.

  13. To the gent who is compiling a file, please get in touch with me any time , my e.mail is there, so lets take a stand against these vultures.

  14. RIP OFF!!!!!

  15. We have a copy of Dave’s email address – if anyone would like it please use the contact form. Also, let us know when the website is set up and we will link to it.

  16. I have been with brighthouse for some years now with a very good payment record. i was taken ill in november 09 had to have an operation and to this day i am still very ill. i almost died in hospital and my brother missed one payment for me as my family was at my bedside. when my brother went to pay on monday they would not take my normal payment of 58.65 they wanted 138.79 . when i was allowed to use the phone i called them from my hospital bed they was very rude to me did not care about my health they told me to pay or lose my goods i wrote to head office and called them they did not care. the just kept on say as i said you need to talk to the store not us. i then waited 3 weeks for a reply from head office and all they said was contact your store. they still will not take my normal payments until i now pay all late fees what they put me in. and on the 21st off jan 2010 2 guys came round my home asked for my name i told them he put his foot in my door way came in and took My goods. i lost all my money too

  17. I would like to give you all an update. brighthouse have there goods back but i still wanting me to pay it has got to the stage where they are harassing me even following me in the high street and locking at my door 4 times a day. i am now taking legal action against them as the police are involved and my legal lady as it is a joke now they have aven be to my mothers home who is 68 and disabled. please beware off brighthouse they are scum and bullys.

  18. brighthouse are legalised loan sharks. they are bullies and liars and thieves. optional service cover is not needed on any item, dlc however is, you will be told that you cant have the goods unless you get osc, this is complete rubbish, if after you have signed your contract then dont want your service cover you can write to them giving them 7 days notice to remove it and you can also claim any money you have paid into osc back, they will bully you but dont let them, my settee to buy outright from bright house is 1471. a chargew of 13.58 over 156 weeks, then add your optional service cover at 3.40 per week, and your damage liability cover at 2.55 per week your total weekly payment arises to 19.53 a week therefore your balance at the end instead of bieng 1471 is now a staggering 3046.68!!!! if you miss a payment they will hound you, your friends and your family, they will tell you they will send bailliffs when in fact they are just people that work in the store, they cant send a bailliff unless they apply to court in which case the court will inform you, bright house never take anyone to court. ever. even if they did and the judge did give them a repossesion order, they still cant reposses your items or enter your home without permission, all they can do is reposses whatever is in a public place. its all bullshit, they frighten mothers children elderly etc when in fact they cannot legally touch you, they no if they take you to court the judge will seethe contracts and the overpriced interest rates and if anything order you to pay bare minimum anyway. these people should not be allowed to operate anywhere but untill we stand up to them then nothings going to change. if everyone who has an account with them just suddenly stopped paying then they would go bankrupt and goodbye to money grabbing lying robbing bullys

  19. I have just had a run in with Brighthouse in Coventry. I have missed payments recently due to having a new job which requires me to travel. This means that I miss payments as I am not in the UK when the payments are due. I missed a payment on Saturday and as it is only Wednesday, have had 3 calls from them demanding that I call them. I did call them after not responding to the calls as I am not into bullying. When I did call them I was screamed and shouted at by the lady who deals with my account. I actually had to ask her to shut up so I could make the payment or I would end the call and they would not get their money. I was treated like someone who does not work, who changes my partner weekly and generally a chav. I can confirm that I have been with the same person for 10 years plus, have a stable job and do not have an asbo. Why is it then when I wrote to them asking them not to call me but to write to me am I still bombarded with rude calls and then subjected to being screamed at. I am very glad that I only have 9 weeks left and would NEVER recommend them to anyone.

  20. They are just bullys and they won’t right to you as you have profe they are being a bully. but i played them at there own game. even tho i missed a payment and they took all my stuff and was still giving me Hell to pay for the goods they took back calls after calls coming round my home. i got my self truecall and every nasty call they made to me was recorded. i am now going in to court and sueing them for all the upset they have caused me. so for anyone who is having brighthouse at there door or on the phone fight back. also i did install a covert cctv at door . we need to stand tall and get them closed down. i am going to be setting up a face book account and will be working on website with the legal team i have to help others . will post back soon when things are in place .

  21. bh are right rip offs think they can take my t v when iv paid 1300 pound off it thats more than its worth and they are not very sympathetic wi ppl iv bin a customer foer 5 yrs nw and never let them down and nw coz i carnt afford it no more thy get funny but theyl av t fight for it bk

  22. Hi There,
    I bought a washing machine from bright house last July 2009 then a lap top, in September and then a bed in December. With each purchase i was told i had to take out damage liability cover and other cover , total payment with cover per week is 40 per week 25 for goods and 15 for cover.

    After watching a damming programme on the T.V. before xmas on there sales tatics it dawned on me i had been miss sold insurance as i had full cover with my house insurance.

    I phoned and complained and also wrote to cancel the agreements, i then carried on paying the equivelent without the insurance cover.

    The manager at the store i purchased the goods from said i had to resign the agreements and take in proof of insurance which i did.I then said i wanted to pay that weeks and the previous weeks payments.Without the insurance premiums on them, and he said that was not possible.

    And spoke to me in a condescending manner, i said there was absolutely no way i was prepared to pay the insurance premiums that i had been miss sold.I said to him i was prepared to pay for the goods only, he said no i owed two weeks and had to pay insurances, even though i had evidence of current house insurance. I told him i would take my complaint up with the O.F.T. and i would see them in court.

    I left the store without paying extremely angry at the unprofessional way i had been delt with. I was even more angry i had been ripped off in first place. to the tune of several hundred pound.

    Is there any way i can claim this insurance money back?

    Have i gone the right way about things what are my rights?

    I want to pay for my goods i have done everything by the book , when i went into the store the manager would not show me the original paperwork from my agreements.

    Can anyone help?

  23. Hi Carl,

    I would suggest a visit to your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau to discuss your case.

  24. I am totally gutted with brighthouse i have been a loyal custemer for over 7 year but this last year has been hell i got my self a new washing maching in may lat year everything was fine to start with then i fond out one of the so called BRIGHTHOUSE engeners hadnt conected the pipes wich lead to flooding now 6 months later yet more problems with yet the same maching now am left with a pile of dripping clothes and one mega flooded utility room will be getting in touch with head office first thing tommorrow

  25. Brighthouse are a disgrace . My mum passed away and I could not pay for a few weeks I informed them of this . The day before my mums funeral a brighthouse representative turned up with a van along with a member of their debt recovery team to remove my bed ,which was with brighthouse . Upon complaining of this writing to head office I had no joy ,just to be told anyone can say they have a relative whos passed away just to get away with not having to pay . There was no sympathy at all from them . Brighthouse harrass and intimidate their customers who miss payments . I even had 1 employee of Brighthouse introducing himself at my front door as a bailif ,he was none other than a sales representative of the local store .


  27. Hi Charlene ,you dont have to let them in ,they are not baliffs .I doubt even a court with symathise with these companys bully tactics .I sought a solicitor ,i to was a single mum . Got legal aid .

  28. i got late on a payment and sum one from the shop kept ring me and i sed one thing and the woman at the shop sed ok but when we went in to paye she wonted more money ov us my bf sed no the next day thay rang my mum to see if i had been the and sed thay wont the lap top back

  29. i am late with my payment due to going on holiday and my brother was meant to pay it but he never now brighthouse wants 248 pound off me i foned them to tell them i could pay it first thing in morning but they wont except that so they saying they coming to get my 3 piece today and will bring it bk tomorrow once ive paid how stupid r they there is no give in them and talk to u like dirt

  30. hiya all,
    we too are now learning about how brighthouse work.Just before i start to “comment number 7 LOO” u have chosen the right name there because you are chatting about the stuff that goes down the loo AKA sh*te.
    I work hard and pay my bills and so do many others pay there bills regardless of being on benefits.
    We have a sofa(that has broken)a washing machine and a tumble.I have never missed a payment.The day i chose was a monday to pay.I have recieved many phone calls the day after i have made my payment reminding me that i am due to pay the following week!!!!!!I contacted them as my sofa broke(the arm)I am still waiting for a call about them fixing it and 2 weeks on i have had no call about the sofa yet they are calling me to tell me i need to pay(i have refused to pay until it gets fixed)so i am as of today 1 week behind.I have just got off the phone to the accounts manager and he said he now wants 2 weeks payment and 6.00 late charge.This company are a complete joke.They shouldnt be allowed to trade,they target the vunerable people.
    I shall see how it goes with them,but if they think for a second that they are going to intimidate me etc then they have another thought coming.
    I really think as customers or should i say victims we need to stand up to them.
    The staff in my branch are very unprofessional.
    I wasnt in a position to go and buy the washing machine/tumble dryer out right.. that is the only reason i used them,but like someone else said had i of known what they are all about before hand then i wouldnt of touched them with a barge pole!!!!

  31. Hi yes i agree with the other comments and this article in perticular. Brighthouse is a total rip off, and its true that you will end up paying almost three times the value on tv’s etc. Its makes me laff how they make out there doing you a favour when really they could not give a sh** about the customer it would seem. Ive had threatening phone calls, vans turning up to try get in the house but theres no chance there getting in here as ive payed nearlly double the tv’s worth already. So giving them it back would be stuipid really. Brighthouse sucks folks Brighthouse my arse more Darkhouse is a more fitting name.

  32. LoL Comment 4 your so right. Nice comment.

  33. I would also like to take a stand so get intouch with that file mate cheers.

  34. Comment 18 thankyou thats accactly what i wanted to hear i agree with you hundred percent.

  35. Hi, i have completely had enough of these bullies, they are not sympathetic at all.
    I have paid well over half on my goods but i’m thinking of returning (even though they are still in great condition) them cuz i can’t stand them phoning me at the akwardest times of the day if i am one day late paying. Do you think i could return my goods and get a refund?

  36. brighthouse took my driyer i had fully paid for wen i got a new package driyer washing machen fridge freezer .thay said thay had to take it or thay carnt give me the other one.2yrs later im stiil waiteing for it to be returned

  37. Hi ,
    Ive just read your comments , and to be fair i do need to say this . I have/had a acer laptop from them , have paid over half in money for it , BUT iam having to return it due to serious financial probs . I sent them a letter in as i was petrified of going in.
    The manager rang me yesterday , and was very very nice and helpful . He said they would pick up the laptop , hold it for 30 days , and if after that time i could afford to start paying for it again that was fine no probs , but if i couldnt then thats fine no probs.
    He said he was impressed that i had the decency to write to them and explain my situation. There was 88.00 owing on it , but i dont have to pay that , as the laptop is been returned for now .
    Yes it is expensive , i agree , but i felt i had to write this , as ALL stores of brighthouse are not bad .
    I do feel for everyone else that is having/had probs with them .
    Although im not sure if i will loose what i have paid for the laptop if i cannot keep it ??

  38. I purchased a mobile and a laptop from them before and the customer service in house is fantastic apart from they miss out half the details then I forgot to go through and pay and the following day i had the lads at the doorstep threatning they are the biggest rip off going i currently work for one of there majour compettitours and they have been doing the same to a m8 of mine and I was there when they called to do a reposesion last week as he had been charged redic late fees and been harrased off there drivers and staff calling him constant on his mob through out the day and they pushed through the door when i answere however I phoned the police and when they arrived I got my m8s hp aggrement and explained to the aggresive wanabes tht they could do f all as he had paid over half once you pay a set amount for example if you have £1000 on hp and pay about 400 its 50/50 but they cant push there way in and take the stuff without a court order but if it was 600 paid the courts would not touch it because its a high apr and the goods are mainly or are paid for but once you have paid that much the company cant legally take it without your consent and they cant come and take anythink with out a company reposesion consent forms and they can only be issued in the early stages after that its down to weather you let them take your stuff but never sing a thing when someone comes to your door to take anythink away and then just get in touch with your local citizin advice

  39. my girlfriend reacently come out of work and could not afford to pay brighthouse so she had to go on benifits they then wanted alot of money for missing and she can not afford to pay they then sent a man out and he sopke to her like a pice of s*** in front of my kids she is that scared she wont even awnser the door the are fkn bullys who need to be stoped

  40. caversham finance can **** off coming to my door intimidating me take me to court cos ill never open the door to you mugs you cant and will not enter my home

  41. i have been with brighouse over a year and it was the bigggest mistake offf my life , i will never ever get anything from them again , we missed one payment due to our 4 month old daughter being ill and we recieved phone callls , callls at the dooor saying they was going to take the item back , so i rung the store they told me if i didnt go into the store on saturday at 12 theyd take our bed back , id told them numerous times i couldnt get into the store on saturday and could i make a payment that day i was told if i paid that day they wanted 98 pound but if i went on saturday theyd except 48 pound ??? made no sense to me at all , i then went into the store and was spoken to like a piece of dirt the staff are disgusting and are bullies and couldnt care lesss what ur circumstances are aslong as they get ur money, i spoke to the customer relations and to be honest they arent much help either i am seriously thinking of returning the item and telling them to shove it !!!

  42. I have been a customer of brighthouse since 2007. I had 4 agreements with them, after paying off three of the agreements i noticed that on my 4th agreement for a washer i had not signed for service cover and damage liability but was still charged. Throuout the agreement i have been harrased constanty over the phone, my children were threatened with the police and i have had numerous visits with removal vans. All this whilst dealing with the unexpected death of my mother and a miscarraige. On a meeting with newports manager 14th august 2010 i was shown a copy of my agreement and to my horror my signature had been forged all over the agreement. I am now seeking legal help.

  43. i joined brighthouse a few years ago and took out a 3piece and a home cinema system, (tv,dvd/video combi +surround speakers).
    first of all, as i had chosen a different colour 3piece to the one they had in store, i had to wait for it to come from the factory, i was told i couldnt have the colour they had on show in the store.i had to wait from around october/november time right up until xmas eve until it was delivered.yet i still had to make weekly payments for it or i would be charged, but i was told it would come off my account and i thought it would give me a head start on my account,so i agreed.
    i was paying £41.11 a week altogether,but i was paying £45.00, i thought that would put me a few quid in advance over a few weeks,but then i was told i wasnt able to take a free week when i had paid the equivillent of a weeks extra payment over a number of weeks! instead they said the extra was going into a yellow account, sort of an account that i could draw out at anytime! yet they couldnt take it off my balance. i had the osc and dlc on my agreement.
    they damaged the 3piece when they were delivering it, also hit a picture off my living room wall and smashed it, then to top it off, the stitching started coming undone on the settee.
    i contacted brighthouse and they said someone would come and see if they could repair it. no one came. then they decided that it would have to go back to be restitched, again no one came, this went on and on for months.
    i didnt have any missed payments on my account and as i had money in my yellow account built up i thought all was going good…
    but then…
    i had a burglary and they took the tv, dvd/video combi, and the speakers, except the subwoofer.
    i informed brighthouse and for a few weeks i was still paying my installments and they started telling me i still had to pay and would be charged for the missing items!. in the agreements i had i had been paying to be covered for this but they wouldnt sort anything out for me and hounded me to pay. they were on my back 24/7 even though i was onto them every day about the cover i had been paying.
    they told me they would be coming to take my goods and i told them fine, come and get them now then, as i am now informing you that as of within the next 15minutes, all your goods shall be outside on the doorstep as i am not currently staying at my address due to having no door on the house. either send someone to pick them up now or i aint being held responsible if they are taken from outside, you cant enter my address to take them as the police are not allowing anyone to enter until they finish their investigation, you need to go through them not me.
    brighthouse didnt turn up, i waited at the house for them, no sign of anyone calling, i called them back and said when are you going to pick the goods up from my house as they are going to get wet and damaged or maybe even stollen, i have no other address to take them to and they said they would send a van straight up.all the phone calls to my friends and family stopped and still no one came. this went on all day for a few days until in the end i had my mate to go to my house, get my furniture and take it to his house. i have since moved 3 times and taken it to my new houses, i have not heard anything from them.
    with the money i was paying everyweek, plus the little extra building up in my yellow account i had paid the price of my agreement, what was left was part of the interest and the osc and dlc when you added up what they came to. well balls to them, i paid osc and dlc and didnt have the cover when i went to them about it, 7yrs on and i still have the 3piece…lol

  44. WOW thank you very much everybody i was going to go down and purchase some stuff for the first time on thursday. I will however tell them were to go. I will never deal with this company

    Thank you all again

  45. brighthouse are big bullies.but they dont scare me i used to pay theM 76.76 a fortnite but because i missed them last week they have not stopped phoning me but iv got the better i blocked there phone calls on my mobile. the other day a man from brighthouse came nocking on my door i went too the window and gave them a peice off my mind he sed he would get the police or baliffs to come round but i havent heard anythink yet. they am just lying retards who have nothink better to do with there lives than to call peoples mobiles all day and visiting houses GET A LIFE LOWHOUSE U DONT SCARE MEEE LOL.

  46. Thank you so much for this item regarding Brighthouse. I have items from Brighthouse as I was in a position to afford them initially and as my credit is so black it was my only option. However, I am struggling like everyone else and fell behind with my payments. I have been constantly harrassed and today had the unfortunate experience of meeting Justin a ‘repossessor’ of goods a fine example of what has been reported by others. I had already decided to return the items and sit on the floor if needs be until I could afford some furniture outright. However, now I am prepared to fight as he was very intimidating and shouting at me. I stood my corner as I know he has no right to take items, the manager told me he would use tactics, but it is just to scare me into paying. Well, I have decided not to pay as I have had a broken item since July which has been paid for with the service charge and it is still broken and they are not fulfilling their contract to me. Why should I honour them if they do not honour me? I will never take out credit again and I can see how it is so easy to do. I would rather sit on cardboard boxes that I own as opposed to being beholden to some Dickensian type scenario which is how I see it. Today is two days before Christmas and if I had been soft he would have taken items away just by mere intimidation, but I am loathed to have any man walk into my home and start shouting. My son even heard it all. He told me that if I did not pay, bear in mind I am two weeks in arrears, that he would be camping outside my home waiting to reposses the goods. Well all I can say is fine weather for it and I hope you enjoy your camping experience. I refuse to be indimidated. I do not want to do business with Brighthouse again. They can have the furniture back, however, due to this arrogant bully called Justin, they will have to do a bit more ground work first.

  47. move thats the best way to get rid of them,after 90 days you will drop off the system

  48. today 31/12/10 when my wife went in to the hanley branch stoke-on-trent she stood a que for 20 min three men working behind counter then a woman came in to the shop and one of the men told the lady to come round to make her payment so then my wife asked one of the men iam i invisble the man ansewer no then the third man shouted look wendy if you dont like queing then go to the longton branch he was very rude to my wife his name is phil and when my wife asked for her discount he said you will after to go to bloody longton branch my wife does not mind queing but not when someone jumps the que and members of staff are rude he will not be rude the next time she go in because i will be with her it is brighthouse give there staff a couse in manners and treat coustermer with resect with out us he would not have a job

  49. I worked for BH 4yrs ago, and i had to do my job, i cant be friends with people who dont pay there bills cos most customers are piss takers and scums, you really should understand how this kinda of business works, do the maths its all explained you in your contract, READ IT.

    if you cant afford it, dont buy unless really in need, some people what to spoil there kids and give them all the things they never had, but like i say dont buy it if you cant afford it. BH is not the answer to your financial problems, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

    An Agreement is a legal obligation that you would pay the full amount for the goods as its been advertised,and pay weekly. You get punished for missing a payment, and the funny thing is you’ve agreed to be treated like this.

    ITS A RENT-TO-OWN business, which means the goods are the property of BH until the full amount has been made.

    IF YOU CANT PAY, they can hold your goods in store, once you have money pick it up and carry on paying, it saves you getting late fees.

    REWRITE your payment to the last payment you made if you miss a few weeks, and cant pay the current quote.

    Stop missing payments and get your finance’s sorted. otherwise this company has the right to pick up whats theirs!!!

    by the way BH is a business at the end of the day, its all about making profit!! its not a charity.

  50. Simple solution………..avoid companies like this, if you cannot afford it, don’t rent it ! There are numerous companies like Brighthouse, which manipulate those on low incomes, you cannot blame them, after all they are in it to make money not friends. I wouldn’t have any dealings with a company thats has a 29.9% APR. Citizens Advice Bureau and O.F.T are there to help, so if you have problems with companies such as BH, contact them, or better still don’t give them your custom.

  51. i have terminated my contract with bright house and still waiting for them to pick up there property from my home they keep saying they will come for the items. they was supposed to have picked them up on the 3rd then didnt come so wasted my day being stuck in my house all day waiting for them to come so rang my local store only to be told to ring back the next day so i did and they was going to get some one to come on 7th as i was working and that was only available day to come and they was going to ring me when there recovery team was coming still waiting so rang head office told them my issue the said they was going to sort it still waiting for them to get back to me i should charge them for storing there goods in my property.

  52. i bought suite and 2 tvs from bright house i was in full time work i could afford it 30.00 a week but on november 10 2010 i was made redundant ive had numerous phone calls from bright house and my family i can no longer make payments at the momment i stoped answering the phone to them as i felt embarressed on not being able to make payments i told a lady on the phon that im on jsa and cant afford payments ive made 7 months payments at 130 pound a mnth they are saying my furniture belongs to them so wahat about my money ive paid in dont i own them aswell no reply she told me there coming for the furniture this monday it is now 9 of feb 2011 and i have till monday the 14 of feb to find out my rights in 4 days time im a single mum but i wont be bullied one off the items was dammaged on delivery but no 1 has come to fix it ive phoned lots of panicking now as they can be rude they should make sure your insurance covers redundancy i thought there insurance would cover this well stupid me as when i asked they said no please can any body give me advise

  53. ive been a customer for four years always paid on time .Ive changed jobs and had a bit of money problems missed two weeks and offered to pay on the wednesday they declined my payment and said we are coming for your goods . they have been a number of times but i wont let them in no way ive paid to much off the goods. They speak to you as if your a child.Im going to stand up to them they are rip off merchants.

  54. Ive been a brighthouse customer for 7 years as a single mother of 3 kids i refuse 2 pay them anymore money there prices r shocking you get a laptop & u pay bk over £3000 wen it would only cost u £400 at the most ive got mobiles from them

  55. Hi, i have been a customer with bh for over 2years untill yesturday i decided to pay the balance in full to get shot of them once and for all, i still had 17 weeks left on my agreement at £15 a week and the woman told me that to clear it would cost me as of yesturday £145 so i said id pay in a couple of weeks, only to be told that the balance could be abit more … would like to know how she worked that one out … so i went broke and paid the balance. I have had two missed payments in them 2 years but never had much of a problem with coming to there agreement to pay i just excepted that i was in the wrong and payed,so basically i have been sucked in by there ” do what we say or lose your goods” intimidation talk. Now iam shot of them im NEVER going back no matter what as i think it is ridicolous on how much you pay for the goods and i have numorous headaches with worrying about making sure i have the money to pay them as i know what they are like if they dont get there money. the only problem i did have was with the insurance, i was told, like alot of others here, that if i had my own home insurance that they would scrap theres on my agreement, so i got home insurance, took it in and was told that it didnt cover hire purchased goods so i was still stuck with theres, so didnt argue just excepted and left it at that. This company is a rip off and i would strongly advise anyone NOT to consider at all having anything off them. its people like me that keeps these thieves in buisness, so lets stop buying now. is wishing there was a company out there that could get me back the ppi.

  56. It seems a lot of you are so very nieve, brighthouse deal with people no other lenders will touch for a reason, everybody using brighthouse will have defaulted at least 1credit agreement before or they wouldn’t be customers FACT

    I personally would not loan anybody £10 if I thought there was a chance I would not get it back and that’s why brighthouse charge such inflated prices, cos their clientele have history with other lenders for not paying back what is owed

    It seems a lot of you think you have the divine right to get good deals on credit at retail prices, that’s not the case we all had that chance and we fucked it up, just because a lot of customers are single mums on low incomes etc it doesn’t mean yous are all dumb, signing up to something you don’t understand is ridiculous, if you don’t understand anything or unclear on anything then ask but I have a feeling a lot of people are just so happy to get credit that they don’t care until something goes tits up then they moan like hell, I’ve never had problems with staff being obtuse to me as I simply give as good as I get and know my rights and read terms and conditions all the time

    Sympathy goes out to people who get scared or intimidated easily as I can see that staff obviously chance and try there luck with you, I’ve been a customer for 6 years and I know there prices are over inflated but I just have to pay them if I want or need something as nobody else will touch me other than company’s similar to brighthouse

  57. i put in for a sofa last week i paid the delievry charge in bright house shop in holloway road and was told that it be delievered next thursday which was 11 days ago the delievery people didnt phone me day before to arrnage time so i rang the shop next day she z if i dont hear from them by 1 0′clock which i didnt to phone back i rang back then man answered and was told to ring back in 5 mins as she was downstairs doing god know what then rang back spoke to her and said shell phone custumor service and will get back to me she didnt i yet again rang back myhself at 4 man answered and said she said she didnt say about sofa being delievered when she knows full well she did!!!! then the man said i didnt pay for delievery charge which i had proof of recipt i asked to speak to her he said she out on her luch break i said what at 4 when it her work time then 5 min after trying to get sumwhere he then he oh no she not out on her lunch break she not back till 2mrw up to this point i got annoyed so rang custumor service lady said shell phone the store and will get back to me she didnt so had to ring shop myself yet again i told the man i want my sofa im 6 months pregnant two kids i have no sofa as council took my old one due to my new one cuming now im sitting on the floor he said oh whatever put phone down with in ten mins he rang back saying it be delievered 2mrw which was today i said you know ur all in the wrong he said no we are not i said well funny soon as i rang custumor after care within ten mins your phoning me time was 12-2 so i had to wait in all day nothing arrived i rang the shop been told not being delievered today as no van to deliever sofa or i can get a relative to collect it what a cheek!!!! so rand custumor aftercare lady said she spoke to the shop it is being deleivered today just the people running late well not that i was told different so rang the shop the lady was v ery rude and said ive been listening to you now u listen to me put phone down now im without a sofa as a heavily pregnant woman with two children in the house as a custumor ive been treated unfair it disgusting never would of gone with bright house if i knew how they treat people the way the do!!!!!

  58. well ive been a customer with brighthouse for 4 years after my washing machine broke and i couldnt afford to buy one straight out.. well ive never missed a payment yet i am constantly harrassed by them on the phone ringing me and asking me for payment 3 days before my payment is due..this week i flipped and told them if i recieve one more phone call before my account is due, then i wont pay at all!! the manager was then extremely rude and told me to read my contract and that they can demand my payments at any time, in response to this i asked him if traiding standards were aware of this and informed him that i am perfectly aware that after 90 days of none payment i would fall of the system and the company wouldnt bother chasing me! he got the hint because he hung up on me :)

  59. I’ve been with bright house for over 3yrs an never missed a payment until recently I lost my job and could not make any payments until my jobseekers was sorted. I phoned an explained my situation and for the first time I experience verbal a use from them saying they were not interested and just wanted there money. I have had them knocking and banging my door and windows and also have been harassing my neighbours which is embarrassing. I am a nervous wreck an my kids get scared when the door knocks. I’ve noticed that because I am a single parent living on my own they constently send a male to intimate me more. They phoned me the other day saying I’ve not paid for 10wks and if I don’t pay they would send it to debt collectors so i said go on then as I would pay a less amount each wk but then they said no I need to go to the store and speak to them face to face in which I said no as I don’t no what there intentiins are. Please can anyone advise me in what to do thank you

  60. Backin in 2007/2008 myself and my husband had an account with bright house we had a desk top computer just after the 12 month service cover ran out the computer kept braking down well we had Osc so we didn’t worry we contacted bright house and they said they would sort it out we gave the computer to bright house to get it fixed and when we gave it to them the product on the outside was in emasculate condition just like when we had fetched it when we first had it not a dent or anything well about a week later we contacted bright house about our computer and was told they had miss placed it we gave them another week and stick they didn’t find it so they said they would get us another one so we said fine when we went to fetch the computer it was a different computer,it was battered to hell and we couldn’t believe what they had done when tackling them they said that because it was after the 12 months we couldn’t get like for like so it was either that or nothing it was a battered used computer let me get it right Now I want to know how they lost our computer but 2 weeks later we went into bright house to pay the fortnightly payment as we paid fortnightly and we saw a computer like ours we took in so the hubby looked at the computer and said babes this is mine I said how do you know babe he said read and across the back was is name which he had put on in a security marker but still showed up by his phone light well hell broke loose but apart from nearly getting threw out of the shopping centre which I thought was bad as the security took the shops side without even asking what the problem was and a bright house manager pushing myself a disabled person around. Also there have been other problems one Christmas went to pay for my things and I gave them a fortnights payment and they only put a week on the receipt so it took 8 months to sort that out with main branch them they lost a DVD player and that was sorted and then that same DVD player broke down it was a Baird and then after 8 weeks trying to get it sorted out because they didn’t know who Baird belonged to or have there number we got fed up and contacted consumer services who told us to write a letter into them which was back in 2008 and still awaiting a reply and recently there was I bost up with a manager about a iPad as the data chip was missing and the manager said they come sim free but the ones that we have seen in his display unit ain’t sim free and the one we had had a chip in but it was a phone chip which is totally different so I myself and husband only stayed with bright house as we asked for transfer from one shop to one nearer to our home so it was easier to maker payments and the people at that shop was ok but then they moved one of the people from where we used to be over to this stall now the problems have started here and myself and my husband have had enough of there lying bull shiting ways and we have decided enoughs enough

  61. I’m currently in a dispute with them. I informed them I was moving three weeks prior to the date. The store wouldn’t take the adress untill I had actually moved. My partner works hard but due to him been off work I informed them I couldnt make payments , as the move has cost us a lot. I understand my agreement but they had also defaulted on there end of a agreement I had on a washer, it broke and because it was nearly paid in full they cancelled my cover. I also have a oven and two tvs outstanding. I’m now refusing to pay as I lost nearly 800 pounds on that washer. So we moved I gave them the new adress mainly because I want my money back that I’ve lost . My partner then recived phone calls to his place of work. As its a high profile company that he works for he was hauled infront of his boss and given a warning. We’ve now split up , the item swerve in his name I now have a tv , but there constantly ringing me. I’ve offered them a payment I can afford untill they can contact my ex. The lady then came out and demanded a rewrite which she couldn’t do as it needed to be my ex . I’ve had constant phone calls. Threats of the police. Yet it’s not my account and my ex won’t deal with them, last saturday I went in and they took fifty pounds off me to stop action. I’ve since contacted cab and I now know my rights. They cannot do anything. They may use tactics. But I knew I had other options as the account manager got desperate and now I’ve told them I know my rights there trying to reposess items that don’t belong to me and are no longer at my adress. I will not be bullied and I have written a letter to head office wanting them to take me to court which they can’t do as its not my account!

  62. Hello everyone, I am a disabled pensioner and have been a Bright House customer since 1997/8 when it was called Crazy Georges.I am a new silver surfer, and am just getting to grips with this fantastic web. I found out through all of these posts that I was paying OSC THAT I DID NOT NEED, I only ever missed one payment in all that time, due to being admitted to hospital, but paid double the following week along with late charge. I need some information to try and recover osc. this company seems to be robbing the poor,unemployed, people on benifits, disabled who cant get credit from any where else. I along with many other people must have been cheated out of thousands of pounds.WHAT CAN WE DO? I agree with the chap on here who says he wants to compile a dossier on this company. He can contact me for information

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